Our objective is to introduce AquaSafeBag which is a product that can store your phone, money and keys away from water, and potentially save your life.
A necessary gadget for sea lovers in different kinds of boats (recreation, sailboats, fishing boats, inflatables etc.), bathers on beaches or swimming-pools, fishing, water sports, lifeguards.


Are you a sea or water sports lover? This is why you may need this bag!

Thousands of people every year become victims of theft, which leads to the unpleasant situation of not being able to relax at the beach because they must keep an eye out for their belongings, while instead, they should be chilling out and enjoying their vacation or their favorite water sport!
Usually we place all our stuff in a sea bag and try to enjoy our swim. This can be quite an issue, since, no one really likes staying behind alone so they can watch out for such an occasion. We would hate to come back only to find everything stolen. A very unpleasant situation as you can imagine.

Now what AquaSafeBag can do to solve this?

AquaSafeBag contains a waterproof case that is placed in a special plastic bag that seals tightly (double protection) and allows us to put our personal valuables (cell phone, keys, money) within the protecting of water.

Why is this special?

Well, we have taken it a step further by implementing a life preserver! In the small pocket of the bag, we have placed an air canister that can make the life preserver spring out of its container and be fully fledged in less than 3 seconds by simply pulling a small cord.

special02Just attache the air canister
special03Fold it and put it inside the bug
special04If you need to use it just pull the string

special05And the life preserver will automatically inflate in just 3 seconds
special06The preserver and the bag can be of course used as many times as you like, either by replacing the air canister or by just blowing through the inflation tube.
special07But don’t worry, we converted the air canister mechanism to use common affordable bike air canisters (bike pumps) that can be found easily at various bike stores or other hardware stores.

The life preserver can support enough weight for a big swimmer, and it is not just for personal use since it can be easily detached from the bag!

Use AQUASAFEBAG everywhere

AquaSafeBag can be used in many cases where we cannot take things like our iPhone with us, since water can irreparably damage it. These cases could be:

  • All sorts of water sports like Water Ski, Kite Surfing etc
  • Swimmers
  • Users of boats (fishing, sailing etc) for fun or work
  • Lifeguards

Of course aside from the aforementioned uses, AquaSafeBag can be used for everyday activities since it’s a really nice fit for men or women.

The idea is to just feel relaxed and secure

By using AquaSafeBag you can feel the required safety for you and your family since it can help someone in any case of panic, fear or injury when at the same time it keeps your belongings safe at all times.

Have you ever been for a swim and a person near you needs help?
If we are not familiar with the correct way to assist that person, we might run into a very serious issue or other unpleasant scenarios.

However by using AquaSafeBag, we can simply pull the cord…

If you do not know the right way to rescue, the panic in his effort to save can create a serious risk to the worst scenario for both of you.


Fabric and design features:

All fabric selections have been specifically chosen to keep you feel great whilst everythink is safe is a water resistance material. Zip pullers and all accesories are carefully selected for best bag efficiency, heat transfer size labels, the list goes on. Here’s some of the technical detail:

  • Nylon cloth: Nylon oxford (210D)
  • Nylon compound TPU: N210D / TPU
  • Oral Tube: KQZ
  • Webbing: D-66
  • Thread: 20S/2/2150D
  • Buckle: 38mm
  • Inflation Device: AHA4013
  • Weight with canister: 330.2gr
  • Weight without canister: 270.4gr

Here is the PCT of the invention of AquaSafeBag:

He got a patent in Greece and has filed an application PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) to safeguard the global market.


AquaSafeBag has also made it to the Europe Enterprise Network web site which is the biggest European Technology Transfer Market!


We are searching for representatives – partners from all over the world.

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