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Aquasafe Bag


  • In addition, two gifts especially for you: 1 air tank for your new AquaSafeBag, and 1 waterproof mobile pocket!
  • Each extra air tank costs 4 Euros.




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Product Description

AquaSafeBag, a necessary gadget for sea lovers and more, is in fact a product that can store your phone, money and keys away from water, and potentially save your life.

AquaSafeBag is designed from top quality materials which have been specifically chosen to keep you feel great whilst everything is safe with you. Plus it is resistant to seawater and sunlight.

With AquaSafeBag you can be sure that you will never fall victim of theft, since your valuables will always be with you, and most importantly, you will always have a swimming aids with you, ready to be used in less than 3 seconds by simply pulling a small cord.

Comfort, convenience and innovation are now combined into a new gadget, ideal for all ages and circumstances, AquaSafeBag.